Yesterday we got a launch date (maybe). Today we get the first accessories seen in retail stores (apparently, definitely).

Multiple websites today posted photos of at least one iPhone 4S case spotted in an AT&T retail store. While there’s still been no mention of an “iPhone 4S” or “iPhone 5” from Apple, AT&T, or any other iPhone carriers, this is the clearest evidence yet that Apple will be launching a new smartphone in the near term and that whether or not they unveil a more thoroughly redesigned iPhone 5, a less radical iPhone 4S is on deck.

The above photo of Otterbox’s Commuter Series packaging clearly shows “iPhone 4S” printed on the cardboard. No gettin’ around that one. Details printed on the back of the packaging show possibly redesigned volume buttons moved to the phone’s right spine (they’re on the left on iPhone 4). Otherwise, the case looks quite similar to currently available versions for iPhone 4.

Assuming this wasn’t the work of a Photoshop mastermind with nothing better to do than trick tech bloggers and our loyal readers, it looks like we’ll be seeing an iPhone 4S in the near future. What of iPhone 5, then? Will October 4 bring us two, two, two iPhones at once?

[Via: @chronicwire, Slashgear, BGR]