Apple is reportedly gearing up to stop supporting several of its older products, according to MacOtakara. 

The website named several products, including the iPhone 4, the 13-inch late 2010 MacBook Air, the third generation AirMac Extreme and the second generation Time Capsule. Apple actually tends to support its products many years longer than other companies, often issuing major macOS and iOS updates to devices that are still in circulation. The “obsolete” status, however, means Apple will stop offering hardware support, too, 9to5Mac explained.

Why this matters:

You probably want to regularly upgrade your phone if you want to continue getting the latest software updates and security patches. The iPhone 4 is getting long in the tooth, for example, and there are plenty of affordable options that still serve as upgrades. Or you can just wait for yours to break, just don’t expect a repair option from Apple.