If you didn’t pre-order an iPhone 4, you may have a bit of a wait ahead of you.  Customers who pre-ordered their iPhone 4 handset directly from Apple are receiving them a day early it appears, but those who went through AT&T are facing a bit of a mixed bag.

AT&T is taking care of its pre-orders first, then will move on to reserves and then will finally get around to in-store sales as it can.

  • Customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 for home or business delivery will begin receiving them this week.  E-mails will be sent out to the customers to let them know when they are shipping.
  • Those who pre-ordered with the option of picking them up at the store will be getting calls through out the week letting them know when their unit is ready to be picked up.
  • Those who did not place a pre-order or reserve will find the iPhone 4 trickling into AT&T retail stores, on the website and in business sales channels starting on June 29th.  All sales will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.  If AT&T sells out, they will offer the option of placing orders for later delivery.

iphone 4 If pre-order volume is anything to go by, the iPhone 4 is going to be in short supply for some time.; pre-order sales for the iPhone 4 were ten times higher than they were for the iPhone 3G S last year.  Going by this data, and with more orders sure to be pouring in, it could be quite some time before you just walk into an AT&T store and say, “Sign me up for an iPhone 4!”

With orders this much higher this year, one has to wonder if Apple planned ahead for greater demand and built more than usual, or were they also taken by surprise by the demand for it?  My guess is that production was indeed increased, but could anyone have guessed demand would ten times higher?

Anyone wishing they had pre-ordered now?