iphone-3gsApple's three year old iPhone 3GS, which is currently free with a two-year contract, is getting Shared Photo Streams and VIP Mail features when iOS 6 hits this fall. Following the release of the most recent beta, support has been added as indicated by the company's iOS 6 preview page, which previously said the features wouldn't come to the handset.

As noted by MacRumors, iPhone 3GS users testing iOS 6 Beta 3 indeed found the features to be present.

Unfortunately, the 3GS still won't get support for the new Offline Reading List feature in iOS 6. Likewise, access to Siri still remains an iPhone 4S-only feature, but the new iPad will also get support in iOS 6. Additionally, Flyover and turn-by-turn nav will only be available on the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Because the iPhone 3GS is still sold to customers, it's important to see pieces from its next OS make it to the device. While other hardware and resource intensive features aren't making their way to every single Apple device, it's refreshing to see that, even three years later, Apple still has the 3GS on its radar.

[via MacRumors]