Distributing an appropriate amount of units around the world usually isn't a problem for a company such as Apple, but last year the company just couldn't get the iPhone X into the hands of everyone who wanted when they wanted one. The iPhone X shortage was widespread and left many waiting to get the flagship. That probably won't happen again this year, though.

Apple plans to begin trial production on the new iPhone models by the start of the summer, according to DigiTimes.

The report reveals the company wants to get a head start to avoid another shortage. Multiple sources have confirmed the trio of upcoming models should participate in trial production as early as the second quarter of the year. Apple should then be able to ship units as necessary.

In 2017, the driving force behind the shortage was the supply chain not providing enough 3D cameras and sensors for the TrueDepth system. Customers would place orders and have to wait as long as six weeks to get their iPhone X. The iPhone 8, meanwhile, wasn't seen as an alternative because people want the latest and greatest iPhone no matter the price. Some analysts believe sales of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are well below Apple's expectations.

Apple's suppliers are said to be a lot more confident now that they've experienced the type of needs demanded by next-gen iPhone models.

The 2018 series should include three iPhone models, ranging from 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches in screen size. And, as usual, an announcement is expected in September.