The most expensive iPhone in the pipeline might not become the most popular. Reports lead us to believe there are three new iPhone models in development for release in 2018, but one of them could rise above the rest and sell a whopping 100 million units during its time on the market.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch model, which is expected to have watered-down specifications and thus be less expensive, will become a massive hit.

Apple should be implementing a design similar to the iPhone X but without high-end components. Rather than a custom OLED display, it’ll be a display of the LCD variety. And, for its construction, the 6.1-inch model is said to have an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel. The processor, though, is likely to remain consistent across all three iPhone models. This one, the smallest in the trio, could be sold for as little as $699.

Its cheaper price could make consumers pull the trigger faster than they have for the iPhone X and iPhone 8, the latter of which the 6.1-inch model would be replacing. The 100 million units estimated beats Kuo’s 62 million units estimate for the iPhone X, and he thinks Apple will retire production on the $999 product during the summer months.

Any new iPhone models are still more than six months away from debuting, so don’t take the estimate too seriously yet. We’ll have a better idea of Apple’s outlook once official announcements are made.