Apple is experiencing a major issue with one iPhone due out later this year. The 6.1-inch model has LED backlight leakage, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

The edge-to-edge display for this model, being built by JDI and LG Display, isn’t based on the same technology as the other two models. Apple will be giving it an LCD panel rather than an OLED panel to keep its price down. As we’ve seen, a large number of consumers still want an iPhone in the neighborhood of $750.

Because of the hiccup, the new iPhone models could be released at different dates despite a simultaneous introduction.

The two OLED models would be put on the market in September while the LCD model faces a delay. While nothing is confirmed, it looks like Apple might have to delay the less expensive new iPhone model by 4-6 weeks. It should finally be released sometime in October. Apple, though, will still work with its suppliers to have all three models released together.

It wouldn’t be the first time Apple’s iPhone faces production woes. In 2017, the iPhone X was released almost two months after the iPhone 8. The problem was also that suppliers couldn’t master Apple’s demands for new technology on time.