Apple has been really slow in adopting faster charging, or at least passing the feature off to consumers. That appears to be changing in 2018, according to a new report. iPhones in 2018 could include new wall adapters and cables that will support fast charging.

Although Apple started offering fast charging with iPhones in 2017, it did not include the proper wall adapter to take advantage of the feature. Users had to purchase those separately to do so because the included 5W adapter did not get the job done. This year, however, Apple seems to be rethinking its strategy.

Apple could reportedly include new 18W wall adapters with USB-C to Lightning cable that will take advantage of the faster charging iPhones are capable of. It would be the next step in the conversion to USB-C in Apple’s line-up as MacBooks already use USB-C cables to charge. The new system would reportedly charge iPhones from 0 to 50-percent in 30 minutes and about 80-percent in one hour, which sounds pretty great.

Take this report with a giant grain of salt. Weibo cites supply chain sources, but nothing has been confirmed. Apple has never been one to give consumers the option to save money. It is already reportedly thinking about excluding the 3.5mm headphone jack to Lightning extender it currently offers with iPhones. Putting that into context, it sounds like this supposed Apple fast charger may end up being a pipe dream.