Your next iPhone could be in a color that fits you a little better than black, white, or gold.

Apple is aiming to introduce its trio of iPhone models in several colors, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone was once sold in as many as six colors, but Apple decided against doing so for the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

iPhone 5c in Blue Apple logo angle

The new iPhone models won’t all be offered in the same colors, though. Apple could limit them between models just for the sake of making production less complex. While the 6.5-inch model will come in black, white, and gold, the 6.1-inch model will have five colors in total. The analyst says Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone will be sold in red, white, blue, grey, and orange.

As for the 5.8-inch model, Kuo didn’t mention the colors. But we assume it’ll have two choices since this model is a direct successor to the iPhone X. Apple’s current flagship is offered in Space Gray and Silver.

Apple should make all three iPhone models, as well as their diverse array of colors, official in early September. Along with them, the Cupertino-based company might introduce a new iPad with its TrueDepth camera system. There’s even a possibility we see new Macs at the same event. Now we’ll have to keep an eye on the rumor mill and wait to see what happens.