iOS 6 use logs

According to server logs, it appears that at least a few people on the Apple campus in Cupertino are already using iOS 6 on their iPads.

Ars Technica uncovered some interesting tidbits in their server logs that appear to be at least one iPad surfing their site while using iOS 6.  In the screenshot the site posted you can also see at least two instances of 5.1 visiting, but that version is already out for testing and is believed to be released along with the iPad 3 this month.  This is the first sign we have seen not only of iOS 6 visiting live sites, but the first mention of the next major refit of the operating system at all.

While it is possible to spoof server logs, Ars Technica narrowed down their results to IP addresses that are known to belong to the Cupertino campus of Apple, greatly reducing the chances that these are faked.  The devices that surfed in with iOS 6 also appear to be running a newer build of WebKit listed as “AppleWebKit/535.8,” marking the highest build number seen yet.

This of course doesn’t mean iOS 6 is launching as soon as the iPad 3 event, but it definitely seems to be on the way at some point in the not too distant future.  Possibly with the iPhone 5?

[via Ars Technica]