This fall, Apple will launch iPadOS, a powerful mobile operating system designed to make the iPad a more viable laptop replacement. Some of the big features include improved multi-tasking, dark mode, and a new home screen. iPadOS is also set to introduce a series of convenient keyboard shortcuts.

The new keyboard shortcuts have been designed for Safari, which Apple says will provide users with a desktop-class browsing experience in iPadOS.

  • Use default font size in Reader (Cmd + 0)
  • Open link in background (Cmd + tap)
  • Toggle downloads (Cmd + Alt)
  • Open link in new window (Cmd + Alt + tap)
  • Use selection for Find (Cmd + E)
  • Email this page (Cmd + I)
  • Open link in new tab (Cmd + Shift + tap)
  • Decrease Reader text size (Cmd + -)
  • Zoom in (Cmd + +)
  • Zoom out (Cmd + -)
  • Save webpage (Cmd + S)
  • Change focused element (Alt + tab)
  • Focus Smart Search field (Cmd + Alt + F)
  • Dismiss web view in app (Cmd + W)
  • Increase Reader text size (Cmd + +)
  • Download linked file (Alt + tap)
  • Add link to Reading List (Shift + tap)
  • Close other tabs (Cmd + Alt + W)
  • Scroll around screen (arrow keys)
  • Paste without formatting (Cmd + Shift + Alt + V)
  • New Private tab (Cmd + Shift + N)
  • Actual size (Cmd + 0)
  • Open search result (Cmd + Return)
  • Toggle bookmarks (Cmd + Alt + 1)

These keyboard shortcuts come in addition to Apple's more general shortcuts for iPad, which allow users to easily switch apps, cut, copy, paste, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts are those little conveniences that wind up making a huge difference. Once these new keyboard shortcuts become available, you'll be surprised by how much easier they make your life.

Apple's new iPadOS will be available this fall as a free update. You can see which devices support the new software right here.

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