Apple officially announces iPadOS at WWDC, its first ever iPad centric operating system that splits up the iPad from iOS. That's the end goal of iPadOS. Instead of being tethered by the limitaitons of using a similar operating system to the iPhone, the iPad will now gets its own that lets it do just about whatever Apple wants to do.

Home Screen

It starts with the home window which now offers a tighter grid of icons (for more space) and pinned widgets on the home screen. You can pin apps like weather or mail and it'll now live on your home screen. The widgets are the same that used to live in the Notification Center. This is the type of widget support users have been asking for years.


Apple then moved on to multitasking. It started with Slide Over view which offers new controls such as shuffling through multiple windows. Just swipe up and all of your windows in Slide Over will appear. Side by side view has improved too. You can now use the same app for two windows in side by side.

In App Expose-like mode, dragging content between apps is now possible. Drag a file a photo from one app and drop it in another app, all without missing a beat.


Files was also improved. It now comes with File View with allows you to consume as much rich meta data as possible in the same single panel without digging into menus.

External Drive Support

In a big move to makes the iPad much more robust, iPad OS will now support thumb drives, SD cards, external drives, and even cameras to download photos directly to the iPad. This will let power users consume data from other devices right on the iPad, bringing it closer to a full PC experience.

Improved Safari

Continuing with the theme, Apple revamped Safari to make it mimic a desktop experience with "desktop-class browsing." It will now automatically deliver desktop view and it will come with its own dedicated download manager.

More Gestures

Interaction with the iPad improved with new gestures and 30 new keyboard controls. One such control is a three-finger pinch for copy and three-finger zoom for paste. You'll also be able to have a floating keyboard in side by side view that lets you type out content without compromising your screen real estate. As an added bonus, this feature will work with Quick Path that lets you swipe to type.

Other New Features

Other features Apple announced was built-in support for SMB file sharing, iCloud folder sharing, new custom fonts in the App Store and the Apple Pencil will now come with 9nm feedback (instead of 20nm), making it much more responsive than ever.

iPadOS is now available for developers and will be released to the public in the fall.