On Saturday, April 3rd, all Apple retail store locations and many Best Buy locations will be available for purchase and now, iPads will also be available at select U.S. Apple Specialists.

News has remained on the down-low because Apple has allegedly put resellers under a non-disclosure agreement which prevents them from advertising before the launch of the device.  Oddly, that contradicts an email sent from Steve Jobs regarding whether the device will be sold from resellers when he replied, "Initially at Apple Retail and online stores and Best Buy."

Apple announced Monday that the iPad will be sold at all 221 of its U.S. Apple retail stores as well as many Best Buy stores.  About 675 Best Buy locations will have designated departments that will offer the device on launch day.

The location of where they will be available is unknown, however with Apple sold out of the first batch of pre-orders and Best Buy rumored to only receive 15 units per store, those locations offer consumers itching for the iPad just another option to those deciding on picking up one, last minute.

If you pre-ordered, kudos for avoiding the mess that is imminent, and if you're looking to pick one up, plan ample time for waiting in line.  Perhaps go to a Best Buy or try one of these stores with an Apple Specialist; that is if you are able to hunt one down.