The most vocal complaint and seemingly widespread issue when it comes to the iPad is its inconsistent Wifi connectivity.  Though day one of iPad sales may have been higher than expected for Apple, it was also met with an overwhelming number of users who added page after page to Apple’s support forums surrounding this issue.

While Apple always seems slow to acknowledge device bugs, they instead push software updates to address the very problem they seemingly ignore to publicize.  According to MacRumors, Apple updated the support document that details troubleshooting techniques to fix iPad Wifi connectivity issues.  Added to the document, a subtle statement that reads “Apple will also address remaining Wifi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update.”


Publicly confirmed by Apple days after the iPad launch, Apple acknowledged an issue with dual-band Wifi routers that may cause the iPad to not automatically rejoin a known Wifi network.  There have also been a number of users who complain of poor Wifi reception despite being next to the Wifi source and even a loss of signal sporadically. Ultimately, it’s possible the problems we’ve seen since its debut could be hardware related or caused by the aluminum enclosure.  Until Apple ships that software update, we’ll have no way of knowing.

Have you noticed problems with your iPad’s Wifi?  Detail them in the comments and pray for a fix.

[Via MacRumors]