Tablet GraphToday’s tablets are fast becoming the quintessence of what can be considered the perfect consuming tool. They’re portable, fast, easy to use, and allow us to watch videos, play games and read books, among a million other uses. Care to guess which tablet in particular is at the top of the list? The iPad. Ok, so that wasn’t too challenging. Care to guess the average amount of ad views a device like the Kindle Fire gets in comparison to 100 ad views on the iPad? A meager 2.4. The Kindle Fire is the closest one to the iPad, too.

In a report authored by analytics company Chitika called “iPad Still Leads Tablet Market for web Traffic; How Does the Competition Stack Up?”, a graph shows the clear disparity between the iPad and everyone else. The competition (Kindle Fire, PlayBook, Xoom, Galaxy) hardly even makes a dent. In fact, the iPad is so far beyond in regards to ad impressions that the device is used as a metric to which other devices compare. And they don’t. At least not in Chitika’s report.

While the Kindle Fire did enjoy healthy sales over the busy holiday period, the iPad still has a clear edge and will most likely continue to lead once the iPad 3 hits in March.