iPad 2 power buttonWith Apple’s next tablet iteration not yet unveiled, Canaccord Genuity’s Mike Walkley is already predicting the device will dominate the market “through the rest of this year.” With Mobile World Congress firmly in the rearview, Walkley is piecing together announcements made at the event with the conclusion that the competition just won’t stack up.

Since its announcement in 2010, the iPad has been far and away the most popular tablet on the market. In fact, Apple’s last quarterly report showed the device saw an increase of 111 percent from the same quarter last year, hitting the 15.43 million unit mark. With that in mind, Walkley just doesn’t consider anything to be a threat to Apple’s dominance in 2012 – except perhaps Microsoft’s Windows 8, which could potentially be a “catalyst” for the market.

“While Samsung appears to have the most competitive Android tablet offering, we view Windows 8 as a greater longer-term threat to Apple’s dominant iPad share than Android offerings longer-term,” Walkley said.

Certainly, with so much emphasis being put on specs in the Android world, Microsoft looks to be putting its focus squarely on user experience. Microsoft recently demonstrated what its new OS is capable of, and we couldn’t be more excited to test it for ourselves. Judging from the reception its consumer preview got, it sounds like we’re not the only ones. Whether it will be enough to take a bite out of Apple’s well-established tablet dominance is a tough sell. But if anyone can do it, Microsoft looks to be the one.

[via Barrons]