If anything good comes out of the Apple v. Samsung battle, it will be that as tech fans we are getting exposure to previously internal-only information from both companies. Most interesting are the rejected iPhone and iPad prototypes and internal memos pinpointing topics to make Samsung's devices act more like the iPhone.

Earlier today, we wrote about Apple and Samsung mobile device sales and how they compared to each other. We've covered how iPads continue to dominate the tablet market, but this new graphic from Horace Dediu of Asymco is quite alarming. It shows that about 1.4 million Galaxy Tabs were sold between June 2010 and June 2012, whereas Apple sold 34 million iPads in the same period.

These numbers are probably not news to Apple's competition. We know the staggering difference in marketshare is why Microsoft and Google have taken a more active role to develop Windows Surface Tablets and Google Nexus 7 tablets to eat away Apple's tablet lead.

We're excited to see what other tech secrets these attorneys will dig up. Remember, these attorneys were asking for future device information. Stay tuned. What's been your favorite discovery of the trial?

[via: TheNextWeb]