It’s a beloved tool that brings you the Internet, multimedia and applications galore, but did you know that the iPad can also double as a blunt force object capable of busting your grill? A Taiwanese teen found this out the hard way while playing around on her iPad in bed. Inevitably, sleep took over and the iPad slipped out of her hands, smashing her front teeth. Her mother claimed she had no idea the iPad could do that much damage, and vowed to purchase a rubber sleeve for her daughter’s iPad to prevent future grill bustings, or at least soften the blow.

iPad-Busted-Grill-2I’ve had close calls with my iPhone, particularly those experiences where the device fell flat on my face, screen-first. Even though I was alone, I felt the need to look around, as if all the action figures I use for camera testing would be doubled over laughing at my idiocy. I can’t imagine how embarrassed the iPad victim was. Furthermore, I can’t imagine getting smashed point blank in the face with an iPad.

Kendaneyko-Busted-GrillThis is just one of the many reasons why I still don’t own a tablet. With a laptop, you can prop it up on your lap or stomach and tilt the screen to your liking. With a tablet, you have to hold the thing up because resting it on your chest forces you to crane your neck at a 90-degree pipe bend. Holding a tablet in the air for prolonged periods of time will lead to arm fatigue. Couple that with reading fatigue and it’s a recipe for broken teeth. She’s lucky she didn’t end up with a mouth like former New Jersey Devils defenseman Ken Daneyko’s.

So kids, let this be a public service announcement: Tablets Can Bust Your Grill. Follow that up with a “The More You Know” rainbow and we’re in biznasty.

Have any of you ever had a close call with your tablet? Let’s hear about it.

[Via: M.I.C]