iPad 2 Review (White)Not only is Apple's iPad the top choice amongst consumers, it's fast becoming the go-to device in the business world. In a new study conducted by IDG, 91 percent of business professionals said they use their iPad for work – 16 percent said the iPad has completely replaced their work notebook. What's more telling: The iPad is retaining 83 percent loyalty  from its users.

Taking notice of the iPad's application versatility, power, security and ease of use, about a quarter of work places surveyed said they supplied the device to employees as a corporate productivity tool. As a result, 72 percent with an iPad said they were using their notebooks less, with 66 percent saying it replaced their computer in some fashion.

It's happening all around the world, too, giving the device a global reach unmatched by the competition. Between 52 and 75 percent of companies and business professionals across the globe bought an iPad because of the device's features, not image. In fact, only 6 – 24 percent said they'd bought the tablet based solely on word of mouth.

And just what are these business professionals using their iPads for? Browsing the web, reading, news consumption and work communication. The survey surmises that most of these tasks entailed reading Microsoft Office, email and PDF files.

The figures gathered by IDG supports an earlier Apple claim that up to 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies were either testing or in the stages of deploying company iPads to employees. With the iPad 3 reportedly hitting in March with its higher resolution screen, A6 processor and LTE support, the competition will have a lot of catching up to do in the business and consumer sectors.

If you're interested, follow this link for all the relevant infographs.

Has your iPad become your main PC? Where do you find it most useful: Work, school? Or is it just merely for consuming content?


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