No real surprise here, since people usually tend to resell gadgets when new onces are announced, but Gazelle and NextWorth, two gadget reseller sites, noticed huge jumps in consumers trying to sell off old gadgets recently.

The sites noted that, since yesterday, iPad trade-ins jumped 700% and 1,000%, respectively, yesterday. According to Market Watch, Gazelle noticed consumers put up 140,000 gadgets for sale yesterday and "half of that increase occurred in the hours just before the announcement." That suggests there was real confidence in Apple's plans to announce the iPad mini, but we're guessing the additional gadgets were put up after Apple surprised the world with the fourth generation iPad announcement, too.

Nearly 70% of the devices put on sale were the iPad 3, Market Watch said. That's no surprise, since Apple upgraded the product about 7 months after it was introduced and added a faster A6X processor and the company's new Lightning port connector.

[via Market Watch]