iPad Prototype sold

How much is an original iPad with a second dock connector worth? Apparently $10,200.

Yesterday we pointed out that an iPad prototype with two dock connectors had shown up on eBay.  At the time of that writing there was about 12 hours left in the auction and the price was sitting at $4,500.  Well, apparently buyers got caught up in a last minute bidding frenzy because the final selling price of the device hit $10,200.

At least the seller offered free UPS Ground shipping?

Of course, the big question mark in this sale is how long it will be before Apple comes knocking to retrieve the device.  Last year a prototype MacBook Pro with 3G capabilities was sold on eBay, and while bids for that got as high as $70,000, Apple had the auction shut down.  The company later sent a private investigator to the seller’s home to retrieve the item, but did finally return the parts he had installed himself to him.

While this auction was not shut down before completion, there isn’t any reason to believe that some employees at Apple today are making phone calls to retrieve this item should it indeed by a legitimate prototype.

We just want to know who needed a second dock connector on an original iPad so badly.