Rumor has it Apple is planning to launch a larger iPad sometime later this year that may or may not be dubbed the iPad Pro. The device will reportedly allow users to interact on a much larger display, possibly with side-by-side application support for even better multitasking. Now, if the photos you see above are legit, we might be seeing another way Apple will turn its iPad Pro into a productivity powerhouse.

In one shot you’ll note that the alleged iPad Pro dummy appears to have either a secondary Lightning port or a USB Type-C port. The latter oprtion can provide faster data transfers, serve as a power cable and more, and appears on the side of the dummy unit.

If Apple continues to add the Lightning port on the bottom, and we suspect it will, this suggests that the tablet will have either two Lightning ports or a Lightning port and a USB Type-C connection. That might allow you to hook up a keyboard and mouse, an external hard drive, a monitor and more.

The photos were published by, which spotted them floating around on Weibo. It is worth noting that, while the jury is still out on the legitimacy of the dummy, the form apparently matches up with a case that leaked earlier in the month.

Update: It looks like these images were originally posted on VandaagApple, which said they were provided by an anonymous source inside Apple as early as August. If true, we’re even more intrigued.

Check out some additional iPad Pro mock-ups, concepts and leaks in the gallery below: