China is one of the biggest markets on earth, and it has been one of Apple’s most important sources of growth in the past few years. However, it looks like the company’s newest gadget isn’t a hit with Chinese shoppers.

A new report from Chinese data analytics firm TalkingData reveals that only 49,300 units of the iPad Pro were activated in the country during the first month of sales. That’s barely a drop in the bucket compared to the iPad Air 2 with 557,480 units sold during its first month on store shelves. Even the iPad mini 4 performed better, clocking 92,470 units sold during its first four weeks on the market.


Apple has positioned the iPad Pro as a high-end professional device targeted at folks such as graphic designers and architects, and TalkingData told Mashable that it believes the iPad Pro will continue to attract the Chinese professional market, despite its apparent slow start in China.

One reason sales might be off to a slow start in China could be the same reason that iPad unit sales, in general, have been sluggish over the past several quarters: because people aren’t finding enough of a reason to upgrade from tablets they already own, like the iPad Air 2.