The iPad Pro is finally set to hit stores next month, but supplies of the super-sized tablet could be pretty limited at first. A new report claims Apple is ordering a relatively small batch of its newest device, and doesn’t expect it to be a huge seller initially.

According to DigiTimes and its supply chain sources, Apple plans to ship less than 2.5 million iPad Pros this year. Moving into the first quarter of 2016, that number could be even lower, depending on how well the device does at launch. For comparison, Apple reportedly shipped 12 million units of the original iPad Air when it was released in 2013.

Even with these low numbers it probably won’t be very hard to track down an iPad Pro. After all, the device is mainly focused on a pretty limited market of architects and designers. The price, which starts at $799 and doesn’t include a Smart Keyboard cover ($169) or the Apple Pencil ($99), should also be a turnoff for most people.

Then again, it’s possible the iPad Pro could be an unexpected hit this holiday season. If that’s the case supplies could become very limited very quickly, though at the moment that seems pretty unlikely.