The long-rumored iPad Pro (or iPad Air Plus or whatever Apple calls it) is still shrouded in mystery, but a new report claims to reveal many of the specs and features we can expect from the alleged tablet. According to AppleInsider and its anonymous inside source, the iPad Pro will come packed with new capabilities.

The device will apparently sport a 12.9-inch display with Force Touch controls similar to the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook trackpads. It could also offer USB-C (either as its second or only port) and a brand-new A-series chip. Finally, the new tablet will apparently double as an Apple Pay terminal thanks to built in NFC.

AppleInsider doesn’t offer any details on the stylus Apple is rumored to unveil for its 12.9-inch tablet. However, the report does note that NFC could also be used for easy pairing between the iPad Pro and a Cupertino-designed digital pen.

Based on earlier leaks, we’re also expecting four stereo speakers along the top and bottom of the device. The iPad Pro may even introduce a new version of Apple’s iOS software with the option to view two windows side by side for improved productivity.

iPad Pro rumors have been floating around for a long time now, but it looks like Apple may finally unveil the device later this year. We’re guessing it could be announced this fall, when the company typically reveals its new tablets, so it could still be a few more months before we get an official look at the 12.9-inch slate.