If you’re looking to buy the iPad Pro for the holidays, be sure to head over to Target. Depending on the model, Target is offering up to $250 off of the iPad Pro. Some sort of discount is offered on all iPad Pro 9.7 versions, however.

The 32GB iPad Pro 9.7, for example, is now just $449.99, down $150 off the standard retail price. The 128GB model, the one that I recommend for most folks since it offers plenty of storage, is priced at $549.99, down $200 from the standard retail price. Finally, the 256GB high-end model is priced at just $649.99, down $250 from the standard price of $899.99.

This is the best deal on the iPad Pro 9.7 I’ve seen

I fully admit I was a non-believer in the iPad for a while, even editorializing that I wouldn’t be buying one. Eventually I tried one and fell in love with it, though, and now it travels with me wherever I go. I highly recommend grabbing an Apple Pencil and keyboard, too, which you can do with some of that savings. Hit the source to grab yours now.