Rumors that Apple is creating a larger 12.9-inch iPad won’t die. Apple’s own exec team doesn’t see the iOS and OS X converging anytime soon, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that a larger iPad could ditch iOS altogether and simply run OS X. So, what if Apple were to create a larger iPad that did just that? What would it look like? A new concept from SET Solution shows us.

In the video, which actually imagines a larger 13-inch “iPad Pro” instead of a 12.9-inch iPad, we see the full dock of applications at the bottom of the screen. A user can interact with the dock using the touchscreen, or with a mouse and keyboard as a user would on a full laptop. It’s thinner and more compact than a MacBook Air, but appears to offer much of the same functionality without the need for a hardware keyboard.

The home button is still intact in this concept, which also shows a Lightning port, a rear-facing camera and more. We love how it looks propped up on a desk, too, and with a full version of OS X and a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, you wouldn’t be sacrificing all that much. To be fair, it seems almost silly to have to carry around a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse just to work whenever you want – at that point, why not just buy a MacBook? Still, we love the idea.

After seeing this video, we do kind of hope this becomes reality. Maybe someday, but it doesn’t seem like anytime soon.