Apple didn’t reveal the rumored iPad Pro at WWDC last week, but the company may have dropped a pretty big teaser than the supersized tablet is on the way. An updated iPad keyboard included in the initial iOS 9 beta appears to be designed for a larger touchscreen than anything Apple currently offers.

Spotted by app developer Steven Troughton-Smith, the new keyboard is apparently designed to scale up for an even larger screen than before. The keys even shift slightly to fill up that space. Each button looks a little wider, while a few keys such as Caps Lock and Tab get moved entirely. The secondary keyboard has also been improved, and now fits all the symbols and numbers you need into a single layout. That means you won’t have to go diving into a third keyboard view anymore.

Apple added a few other new iPad features with iOS 9 that suggest a bigger tablet is incoming. The option to view two apps at once seems like an obvious hint, even if it’s available on regular sized iPads as well. Picture in Picture is pretty telling, too.

Rumor has it the iPad Pro will feature a 12.9-inch display, along with NFC, Force Touch and a USB-C port like Apple’s new MacBook. We’re also expecting a new processor, extra RAM, Touch ID support and maybe even a Cupertino-designed stylus.

The device probably won’t make its debut for at least a few more months, though. Apple typically waits until the fall to unveil its latest iPad family, so that’s when we’d expect to get an official look at the rumored iPad Pro.