iPad pro screen resolution iOS 9

Earlier today, code found in iOS 9 pointed toward a larger iPad keyboard that gave us clear indication of a more prosumer-focused Apple tablet. Now, thanks to developer Hiraku Wang, it looks like we might know the display resolution of said device. Following the revelation that iOS 9 will include some obvious overtures for a “pro” iPad, it sure sounds like Apple is indeed working on the slate we’ve been hearing so much about.

According to the code, there appears to be mention of a screen size of 1366×1024, which, when doubled, would end up with a resolution of 2732×2048. This would give the rumored 12.9-inch device a pixel density of 263ppi. A report from the beginning of this year actually predicted Apple would use the resolution, but here’s as close to confirmation as we’re going to get—at least until the official iPad Pro announcement reveals more information.

Apple’s new mobile software isn’t expected to be available until later this fall, so perhaps that’s when we’ll see Apple finally unveil its much-anticipated iPad Pro. Will Apple talk about the device at its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus event? That’s one possibility. It could also hold a solo event for the device. We’ll no doubt hear more as the months draw closer.

For now, we’ll see what kind of information pops up as Apple releases new iOS 9 betas. To see what to expect from the iPad Pro, at least from a software perspective, check out our hands-on of the first iOS 9 beta on the iPad Air 2 right here.