It seems Apple has a new bendgate controversy on its hands.

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a technical achievement of glass and metal that is impossibly thin. However, it seems the thin design came at the expense of durability, because it appears to bend way too easily.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything, best known for stress testing smartphones, enacted his strenuous tests on the new iPad Pro. For the most part, the tablet held up well during initial testing. Then he got to the climactic bend test and it all went to hell.

The entire aluminum chassis of the iPad Pro bends, completely shattering the display and exposing the innards of the tablet. There was no coming back from it. The culprit for the weak frame seems to be a badly placed microphone on the left side and the charging area used to charge the Apple Pencil. With those two weak points, bending the iPad Pro proves to be fairly easy.

Is that a big deal? It can be if you accidentally sit on your iPad while it’s on the couch. If anything, it should serve as a warning that you need to be careful with the new iPad Pro rather than treating it like how you’d treat a smartphone. Those have been built to withstand living in your back pocket. That’s not the case for the iPad Pro.

You can see JerryRigEverything‘s testing down below.