Apple is making a holiday push for the iPad Pro (2018), and there's a new advertisement that highlights its capabilities against a traditional computer. The ad, which runs for less than a minute, goes over five reasons why you should choose this premium tablet. It could be debated, but the new iPad Pro does have enough horsepower to sway consumers from cheap laptops.

In the ad, the first reason listed is its A12X Bionic. The chip, made specifically for this iPad Pro, has more strength than most computers. Apple's iPad Pro (2018) can run complex apps that touch productivity, gaming, and creativity.

Second, Apple thinks you'll prefer the new iPad Pro for its versatility. You can use it for anything. The Cupertino-based company shows it used in settings for editing, sound mixing, reading, and working. Of course, you'll probably want the Smart Keyboard Folio as well. It enhances the entire get-things-done experience.

Here's the entire clip, courtesy of Apple:

The third reason? Portability. Apple's tablets have always been well-connected, but the iPad Pro (2018) does even better because of its additional strength. Even though it's built like a tablet, you have plenty of power to pair with an LTE connection for flexible use. Wherever you are, the iPad Pro just works. Most PCs are still without cellular connectivity.

iOS earns itself a spot as the fourth reason on Apple's list. It remains the most intuitive mobile operating system around, and thus there's no argument. The latest version of this software has been tailored for the new iPad Pro, too.

Apple's stylus, the Apple Pencil, also gets mentioned. Maybe you don't need it, but there's a pretty good chance you want it. The Apple Pencil lets you write and draw with a realistic feel.

If you haven't already purchased the iPad Pro (2018), be on the lookout for deals around the web. It's unlikely that you'll find many discounts, but you never know. Don't forget the payment plans offered by U.S. and international carriers, either. That'll get you a new iPad Pro right away. In the meantime, we'll be preparing our review.