The new iPad Pro might’ve been revealed by Apple despite its official announcement lined up for later this year.

When digging through iOS 12 Developer Beta 59to5Mac discovered a new asset that all but confirms some of the product’s features. It reveals an edge-to-edge display with ultra-thin bezels and no physical home button. Apple should, of course, switch over to gesture-based controls like the iPhone X has.

If you’re doubting this tells us anything, think again and consider what we’ve heard so far. These assets have been accurate in the past. The HomePod saw its software leak in 2017 and that confirmed ultra-thin bezels for an upcoming iPhone. Also, all signs point to Apple shipping a new high-end tablet with this fresh look. So there aren’t too many additional details to dig for.

Here’s the icon that shows Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro:

Apple labels the asset in iOS 12 Beta 5 as “HLSipad2,” and it’s next to “HLSipad” that depicts the existing design language. The new asset, however, shows off the iPhone X-like vibe that will transition over to Apple’s premium tablet.

The iPad Pro should keep its 10.5- and 12.9-inch displays, but the overall size will be smaller than the current models on the market. Because there are smaller bezels, Apple doesn’t need such a large footprint. There will be a TrueDepth camera system tucked in somewhere, too. Both Face ID and Animoji will be available on an iPad for the first time.

Despite the massive amount of leaks rolling in lately, Apple should have a few surprises in store at launch.

In early-to-mid September, there should be an Apple event held where everything gets announced. The Cupertino-based company would normally focus solely on the iPhone, but this year the iPad and Apple Watch are expected to be involved as well. Apple could introduce new MacBook and iMac models, too. So it’ll be a busy time for Apple in the months ahead.