Apple’s creating a high-end tablet with as much style as horsepower. In new renders, we see the iPad Pro (2018) from different angles and in various colors. There isn’t much shown that was left undiscovered, but the entire leak reminds us of what to expect next week. It’ll be a cutting-edge iPad that doesn’t skimp on anything.

The new iPad Pro will feature an edge-to-edge screen. Apple removed the physical home button on the iPhone last year, and the same is about to happen for the iPad. So everyone should familiarize themselves with gesture-based navigation on iOS.

However, you shouldn’t assume there will be a notch on this tablet. The iPad Pro’s bezel might be thinned out but not enough to need a cutout at the top of the display.

As for configurations, the two models are likely set to share many specifications. But their sizes will be different, of course. Apple’s 11-inch model replaces the existing 10.5-inch model, but the larger model will go stay at 12.9 inches for this generation. Both should be extremely portable given the retooled design.

Here’s what the iPad Pro (2018) should look like:

Expect to see a USB-C port, too. It’ll replace the Lightning port as Apple’s quietly transitioning away from its own technology and toward a global standard. The transition could be difficult for consumers in the short-term, but USB-C has found its way across all types of devices already.

You’ll also notice the spiced up color selection. Although unconfirmed so far, the iPad Pro (2018) could be offered in black, silver, yellow, and raspberry. If the latter two choices aren’t made official, don’t be surprised. Apple might stick with a standard three-color mix of black, silver, and gold when this iPad Pro launches.

The global debut for Apple’s latest iPad is just around the corner. Apple will announce the new iPad Pro on Tuesday, October 30. TechnoBuffalo has live coverage throughout the day from New York City.