Later this month, the iPad Pro (2018) should go official. Apple didn’t make any iPad- or Mac-related announcements last month during the iPhone event, but there should be another gathering for media outlets in the coming weeks. It’ll be where Apple introduces the new iPad Pro as well as upgraded Mac models. Needless to say, there’s a busy time ahead.

The new iPad Pro is already experiencing its fair share of leaks. Just before it was first expected to be announced, a batch of renders exposed its design. Now we’re learning about its hardware and software specifications.

In a new leak, 9to5Mac reveals how Apple plans on taking a step forward with this high-end tablet.

The edge-to-edge screen makes its debut on an iPad here. It’ll stretch to the perimeter, meaning there won’t be a physical home button and on-screen navigation replaces the same functionality. But don’t worry, Apple isn’t adding a notch to compensate. The TrueDepth camera system’s components are stored tightly in the bezel.

With that said, Face ID will join the iPad family for the first time. Just stare at the iPad Pro for a moment to authenticate based on facial recognition. You’ll be able to use it in both portrait and landscape modes, too. Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone XS are limited to portrait mode.

Here’s a render of what the iPad Pro (2018) should look like:

The iPad Pro (2018) also has a USB-C port, not a Lightning port. Users will be able to connect to external displays and drive 4K HDR video. In the Settings app, 9to5Mac says there will be a control system for video output.

So far, as many as eight model numbers for the new iPad Pro are confirmed. Apple sells its hardware in a handful of colors. Of course, there will also be Wi-Fi and LTE configurations. None of that should be surprising to you, though.

Also, the Cupertino-based company plans on overhauling its premium stylus. The new Apple Pencil should connect to nearby iPad Pro units automatically. Apple isn’t requiring users to connect it to the charging port for pairing. Who knows if the original Apple Pencil will work with the new iPad Pro because of its different port.

The new iPad Pro could ditch the Smart Connector. In its place, the report suggests the Magnetic Connector enters. Accessories like cases and keyboards can take advantage of it, but 9to5Mac doesn’t mention its exact location or what non-Smart Keyboard items are in development.

We’ll see when Apple decides to host its standalone event. If there is an unveiling held this month, it would add to an already packed calendar. But Apple would be able to generate buzz between the iPad Pro (2018) and the soon-to-be-released iPhone XR.