The Daily for iPad

Though the publication spawned a great deal of fanfare for its launch in the U.S., The Daily doesn’t seem to be quite as bothered about us Brits. The iPad-only newspaper has chosen to quietly introduced itself to the U.K. iTunes store, though that silence could be because it’s not quite ready yet.

While it is now available to those of us in the U.K., it is still filled with a lot of U.S.-centric content, which will be of no interest to those who want U.K.-centric articles. We’re guessing that maybe this isn’t The Daily’s intention, and that’s why it has kept quiet about its U.K. launch for the time being.

Each issues of The Daily for British readers will cost 69p, or you can choose to subscribe on an annual basis for £27.99. Though we’d advise you to try a few issues before you commit to the yearly fee — just in case those teething problems aren’t quickly addressed.

The Daily is owned by News Corp, which will be famous to British readers thanks to the likes of The Sun and The Times. (And previously The News Of The World, but we won’t mention that.) When the publication launched in the U.S., Rupert Murdoch — founder and chairman of News Corp — said he hoped the app would attract “15 million Americans that were set to buy a tablet in 2011.” Judging by its marketing in the U.K. so far, that’s in addition to just 15 Brits.

Have you tried The Daily in the U.K. yet? What do you think?

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