The iPad Mini 2 and Apple’s Retina Display have become the will they/won’t they couple of the tech world, with contradicting reports surfacing on a regular basis leaving Apple fans and analysts alike confused and unsure what to expect from the updated 7.9-inch slate. Apple will likely announce its next generation of tablets later this month, and according to the latest report from Reuters the iPad Mini and Retina Display probably won’t get together this year.

An article published this morning cites sources in Apple’s increasingly leaky supply chain who claim the company still hasn’t begun producing Retina Display screens for the iPad Mini 2, meaning supplies of the device could be extremely limited if it ships in time for the holiday shopping season at all. Confronted with the latest rumors, Apple remained as tight-lipped as ever.

Threatened by a growing hoard of Android tablets that get thinner, faster and better displays every year, Apple is under more pressure than ever to maintain its share of the consumer electronics market it helped create. If the iPad Mini 2 doesn’t come with sharper screen the company could face some serious criticism, or even worse, declining sales.