ipad-mini-mockupApple’s iPad mini will allegedly be available on Nov. 2, about a week and a half after the company officially unveils the device on Oct. 23. Two separate outlets have corroborated the date, with 9to5Mac Tweeting earlier today that they’d “heard whispers” of a Nov. 2 launch.

It’s the likeliest of dates, and stays consistent with Apple’s new iPad and iPhone 5 release cycles from earlier in the year. When both were announced — the new iPad in March and the iPhone 5 in September — Apple made them available on a Friday the following week. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the same scenario with the iPad mini, but it’s certainly the most probable, especially with a high profile release like the Surface coming the Friday before.

“Pre-orders, if they are offered, are a bit less consistent, with the iPhone 5 pre-orders going live one week before launch while pre-orders for the third-generation iPad began immediately following Apple’s media event nine days before launch,” MacRumors said.

The scheduled Oct. 23 event is less than a week away, so we’ll find out for sure when the device will be available. If we had to take a guess, we’d put our money on Nov. 2.

[via MacRumors]