Apple is expected to ship more than 12 million iPad mini units by the end of this year, according to supply chain sources speaking to DigiTimes. The estimate allegedly beats Apple's own 10 million units shipped estimate, which was later dropped to just 6 – 8 million units after the company struggled to

meet demand with a weak supply


Supply chain sources suggested that Apple's supply problems have been fixed, however, and DigiTimes said suppliers already shipped more than 8 million iPad units during the first two months of the final quarter of 2012. Shipment volumes should remain steady into the first quarter of next year, too.

Several analysts have expressed concern that the iPad mini is cannibalizing sales of Apple's larger fourth generation and second generation iPad units (the third generation device was discontinued when the iPad 4 launched). Meanwhile, others have suggested that the iPad mini creates more demand for the iPad and, ultimately, doesn't cannibalize on sales of Apple's other tablets.