iPad-mini-housing-outerApple releases are typically followed by one very consistent situation: Demand outweighs supply. It happened with the iPad earlier this year, the MacBook Pro with Retina display and then again with the iPhone 5. Yet, one analyst who apparently spoke to some contacts in Taiwan is still hocking supply constraint concerns in the run up to Apple's rumored iPad mini. And the month of October shall be henceforth known as the "Great Shortage of iPad minis."

According to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, suppliers are finding it difficult to manufacture the smaller device. And there is your answer as to why the tab is launching "4-6 weeks behind [Topeka's] original launch expectation." But don't fret too much, as the iPad mini is still on pace to "reach acceptable volume levels for a launch over the next month." Phew.

Other corroborating reports from around the Web also claim that manufacturers are struggling with yield issues, particularly with the display, falling well behind Apple's expectations. Additionally, suppliers have run into issues with the black anodized aluminum because of its susceptibility to scratching, similar to what we've seen with the iPhone 5.

[via MacRumors]