ipAd mini_headphone jack

Remember how every part of the iPhone 5 leaked before it hit the market? We knew exactly what it was going to look like and pretty much every hardware component inside. Well, now that the iPad mini has reportedly entered mass production, the supply chain leaks are starting all over again.

Images of what is allegedly the iPad mini’s flex cable and headphone jack leaked courtesy of Nowhereelse.fr on Thursday. The parts were first spotted on a parts website and are available in white or black. We’re already expecting that Apple will launch the iPad in those two hues, so there’s no surprise there. There’s not much else to discern from today’s leaked posts, other than the iPad will be available in two colors and will be smaller than its predecessors. Thankfully, earlier leaks also revealed Apple will include a microSIM tray, which means we’ll see it pop up in wireless carriers with data plans.

The iPad mini is largely assumed to have a 7.85-inch screen, but pricing is still unknown. We’re expecting Apple’s press conference to kick off on Oct. 17, so we have just a couple of weeks until the rumors finally stop.

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