iPad mini mockup

iPad mini Mockup by Ciccarese Design

It seems the rumor mill is again churning today of the possibility of the iPad Mini, this time with information on who will be working on various parts.

Rumors of a smaller iPad – dubbed the iPad Mini for simplicity – have been circulating for some time now.  The story goes that it will have a 7.85-inch screen compared to the 9.7-inch screen of its big brother.  The rumors last week pinned it for a third quarter release this year, and now the somewhat reliable DigiTimes is saying Apple is even awarding the contracts needed to make the device a reality.

According to the latest report from Chinese-language Economic Daily News, AU Optronics has been given the contract for the LCD panels, with an expected launch date still targeted for the third quarter of this year.  Additionally, the news says that supplemental displays will be purchased from LG Display, but that the company was planning to exclude Samsung Electronic this time around.  (Possibly because Apple and Samsung are locked in legal battles all over the world?)

For the backlit components, AU Optronics associate company Forhouse has supposedly been added to the suspected supplier list for the iPad Mini.

Assembly of the devices may go to Pegatron Technology as opposed to Apple’s usual favored choice, Foxconn.

At this point every thing surrounding the iPad Mini is still a rumor, and there is no confirmation that the device is definitely in the plans for a release.

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