iPad Mini - Making Of - 003

According to at least one source, it appears that the iPad mini may indeed end up being the official name of the diminutive tablet.

Macotakara is reporting that a source has informed them that the upcoming 7.85-inch iPad – rumored for an Oct. release – will indeed be called "iPad mini." This makes sense, and does fit in with Apple's trend on such devices as the iPod touch having a lower case second word. The source went on to tell the site that it would only say "iPad" on the rear shell, also similar to how the iPods are handled.

This is the first report that has indicated that iPad mini may indeed be the final name for the product instead of merely the placeholder most sites have been using.

Also included in the report was some information that the new iPod nano may be inline for a Wi-Fi receiver so that it can take advantage of  iTunes in the Cloud support. This would definitely make sense for the company as it wants to make sure as many people as possible have access to the music store, which of course could lead to the sales of more music.

The new iPods have been expected to launch with the iPhone 5 in Sept., but with an iPad mini event all but confirmed for Oct., there is a chance that the music players may move to that date.

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