iPad Mini in Hand (Mockup)

Rumors of an iPad Mini have been circulating for some time now, but no one has been quite sure how such a concept would look or work. With some graphics magic, we've come up with an approximation of how such a device might appear in the real world.

Now that it appears some iPad Mini engineering samples have leaked out, it's looking more and more like the diminutive Apple tablet is going to become a reality.  TechnoBuffalo decided to take up the challenge of trying to show off how big it might appear in your hand, compared to an iPhone and near other objects.  Check out the gallery below, and after that, a little behind the scenes of how I came up with the size and made it look like as realistic as possible.

iPad Mini Hands On Mockups

Making Of the iPad Mini Mock Ups

iPad Mini - Making Of - 001Based on the rumored screen dimensions, I created a rough drawing and cutout of the iPad Mini. Above, you can see how it compares to the iPad 2 as well as an iPhone 4S.

iPad Mini - Making Of - 002I kept the bezel sizes and dimensions the same as those found on the existing iPads. I believe this makes the most sense, as shrinking the bezel would mean that your finger(s) would overlay on top of the screen during casual use.

Based on the dimensions provided by the iPad mini cutout, I was able to roughly eyeball how to shrink the iPad 2 in order to achieve the desired iPad mini dimensions.

iPad Mini - Making Of - 003

iPad Mini Kindle App (Mockup)

You can see how we reached our conclusions on size and design, but who knows what we'll see when, and if, it finally releases. Would you be interested in purchasing an iPad Mini if it looks like this?