iPad mini unboxing

Apple's iPad mini can still be hard to come across. In fact, the company's website still says that new units will ship in 2 weeks, which isn't exactly very quick. Why? A new report from DigiTimes on suggests that the company's manufacturing and parts suppliers are facing shortages and "mass production issues." Apparently AU Optronics (AUO), which provides some of the panels for the iPad mini, isn't able to produce as many panels as it originally hoped, due to the issues.

Apple originally planned to ship as many as 10 million iPad minis during this quarter, which is especially important because of the ongoing holiday shopping season, but it may only be able to pump out 6 million units due to AUO's production problems. iMac panels are also apparently in short supply, even though the computer is set to go on sale this Friday, November 30.

DigiTimes said Apple's expects to finally hit its shipment targets during the first quarter of next year. That is, of course, if AUO and other suppliers can iron out the alleged kinks in their processes.

[via DigiTimes]