Is the iPad mini cannibalizing sales of Apple's larger, more expensive and more powerful iPads? New figures support that may indeed be the case. Apple recently revealed that it shipped 19.5 million iPads during the fiscal second quarter of this year, but the company didn't say how many of those were shipments of its smaller iPad mini. 

DigiTimes said that sources in the supply chain suggest that a huge chunk of the iPad sales figures were actually for the iPad mini. The news outlet, which sometimes has a shaky reporting record, said that as many as 12.5 million units of the total 19.5 million units sold were iPad mini devices. If that is indeed the case, then it comes down to profit margins. If Apple is making more money off of the iPad mini then it is off of larger iPad sales, then the company is probably in safe territory. If, however, the larger iPad delivers a larger profit then sales of the iPad mini could be bad thing.

Apple doesn't necessarily always worry about that, however. It has constantly said that it prefers the iPad eat into sales of its MacBook computers, so long as consumers are buying its products and not someone else's. We imagine the same applies with the iPad mini: as long as consumers are buying that tablet instead of, say, the Amazon Kindle Fire, then Apple still wins in the long haul.