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Rumors of an iPad Mini are flying around with quite a bit of fury as of late, and these new drawings are sure to just add more fuel to the fire.

You can't swing an Apple recharging cable these days without hitting an iPad Mini rumor, and there's another one floating around today.  Think iOS received the drawings you see in these posts today from a source inside China that reportedly give away the dimensions of what we can expect from such a device should it be real.

The screen appears to clock in at right around 7.87-inches which is inline with all of the rumors we've been hearing about the device.  The depth is shown to be 7.3mm, which would put it in line with the rumors we've heard of the device being about the same thickness as the iPod touch.  Also shown is the long-rumored 19-pin connector that we've been hearing will be coming to iOS devices from here on out.

With the source of these drawings being only listed as coming from somewhere in China, our suspicions tend to turn to this being the work of a case manufacturer trying to figure out what size to make its covers.  Schematics tend to be far more detailed than what we see here, so we're taking these with a grain of salt for the time being.

We did our own renders of what the iPad Mini might look like if you care to check those out, and they do line up with these somewhat, but we definitely won't be counting these as official just yet.

[via Think iOS]

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