ipad-mini-screenThe slow, methodical iPad Mini leak is quickly unveiling a full, more clear picture. Following today's flex cable, which revealed a relocated headphone jack, Gizmodo has acquired what it believes to be a photo of the iPad Mini's display. And yep, it measures in at 7.85-inches, just as the rumors said it would.

The interesting thing about the screen is that it's not 4:3 like its larger brother, contradicting yesterday's claim to the contrary. However, the lack of a substantial bezel on either side lends itself to a more elongated display, which we are likely to see in the iPhone 5.

Sources who provided Gizmodo with the image assure that the picture is legit, though it's authenticity couldn't be confirmed by iFixit's Kyle Wiens, "who deemed it inconclusive."

"Our source maintains he's received nothing but authentic parts from what he says is a completely reputable Chinese supply," Gizmodo said.

So, it could be real, or just a hoax. More information about the photo is trying to be dug up, so if anything else of importance hits, we'll update the post.

[via Gizmodo]