According to BGR, Apple is planning to phase out the small iPad due to cannibalism within Apple’s own lineup. Apple recently said its 5.5-inch iPhone is more popular than expected, while the company now offers a 9.7-inch iPad for just $329. That leaves little room for a smaller device, especially with a new iPad Pro model on the horizon.

The source who spoke to BGR claims the numbers are “very clear” regarding iPad mini sales, suggesting nobody is interested in the smaller tablet. BGR was unclear if the iPad mini will continue being sold for a period of time without updates, or if units will be pulled from store shelves altogether. It’s also unclear if Apple plans to offer any discounts on the device once it starts being phased out.

You can currently purchase an iPad 4 mini with 128GB of storage for $399, which is much more expensive than Apple’s cheapest 9.7-inch iPad. In that sense, it’s easy to see why Apple wants to kill off the small slate, especially considering the company reportedly has plans to introduce a 5.8-inch iPhone later this year.

Apple will allegedly share its tablet plans at WWDC in June, so we’ll learn the fate of the iPad mini soon. Seeing as the device has only received three upgrades over the past five years, its survival always seemed unlikely. If you planned on buying an iPad mini in the near future, I’d hold off for the time being to see what Apple has planned.