Apple's latest quarter revealed some pretty healthy iPad sales, despite the company being relatively quiet over the past few months. Still, the company's lack of announcements and potential follow up products might be leading to weaker demand. According to one of Apple's manufacturers, Pegatron, iPad mini demand is dropping off.

It's not just the iPad that's falling off consumer radars. Pegatron CEO Jason Cheng said everything from e-books to gaming consoles is "moving in a negative direction." That could very well be due to the sheer amount of competition out there. Or, more believably, the season of refreshes is upon us; many big companies are expected to announce new products this summer.

Vincent Chen of Yuanta Financial Holding Co. said that supply chain demand could drop off as much as 30 percent over first quarter—Chen initially estimated a 15 percent drop. Apple right now is Pegatron's biggest customer, and declining demand is having an adverse affect on the manufacturer's outlook.

A report from this week suggested there are two iPad mini refreshes in the pipeline, meaning demand could skyrocket pretty quickly if that's true. Demand constantly fluctuates through the year, and tepid demand right now could very well be a case of consumers waiting it out until Apple announces its new devices.