A new study from Agawi reveals that Apple’s iPad Mini offers the fastest touchscreen of any tablet currently on the market, boasting an average response time of just 75 milliseconds. The report demonstrates Cupertino’s dominance in the tablet market—at least when it comes to touchscreen speed—with the iPad 4 coming in next at 81 milliseconds, trailed by a mix of Android and Windows devices.

Third place, somewhat surprisingly, goes to the Android-powered NVIDIA Shield at 92 milliseconds—though Agawai notes it also had the highest variance in response speed—followed by Microsoft’s Surface RT at 95 milliseconds. Rounding at the list is Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 2013 (114 milliseconds), the Nexus 7 2013 (135 milliseconds), and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.0 (168 milliseconds).

Agawi’s report, titled TouchMarks II, uses the companies own Touchscope benchmark to measure each tablet’s speed. The process involves touching each device at the center of its display and measuring the response time with a special light sensor. All tablets are tested while in airplane mode with brightness all the way up and all background apps closed. This method may even the playing field, but it would be interesting to see how each tablet’s response speed is affected when multiple apps are running at the same time, since that’s how most of us use our devices anyway.